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What Our Residents Say

“This is elegant living at a modest cost where you have no worries, complete trust, charming people and helpful staff. Life is exciting and I am happy

and content, and my family is relieved because I am so happy.””We can relax and enjoy life without worrying about lawn care and house work. Elmhurst takes care of everything.”SMPS visit 026

“After living alone for a long time, I enjoy the friendship of the people here.”

“Who wouldn’t like living here? All these beautiful antiques, a big front porch, and three delicious meals a day. Wonderful biscuits and pies!”

“This is the best place in the country… home cooked meals every day, and you don’t have to dress up to go to breakfast!”


Mary’s Story

Mary Sacco has lived at Elmhurst for the past 15 years and still feels as though she’s on a cruise!

Following her husband’s death, Mary decided she didn’t want to stay alone in the home they built. Mary was smitten with Elmhurst after taking a tour, noting, “It seems like God has a plan for us because when I walked into Elmhurst, I knew this was it.”  Mary unpacked her bags at Elmhurst on March 1, 2004, and has never looked back.

Mary stays healthy through exercise, doing more than 200 minutes on the Elmhurst treadmill, plus attending exercise classes with other residents three times weekly. She loves the outdoors, especially the spacious front porch and campus patios. She’s also a member of the garden group.

“I’ve never regretted moving to Elmhurst. You meet different personalities, bring your own things, and your are never afrraid here because it is safe,” she notes. “Life isn’t always perfect, but it’s pretty darn good.”