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Friendship Wall

In Memory of Althea Shaw

Elizabeth Stifel Kline Foundation

In Memory of Margaret Grisell by Jane, Mike & Tim Murphy and John & Susan Grisell

In Memory of Kenneth W. Orr by JD & E, K.T. Carfagna, CEO

American Sanitary Supply in Memory of Jane E. Thompson

In Memory of Helen Kalis by Peter & Perry Kalis

Shirley & Charlie Milton

Todd & Joyce Kimpel

Ron & Sally Hobbs

In Memory of Mary Mekos by Quinn Ford, Hal Mekos & Mary Callow

Bob & Hillary Steere

Northwood Health Systems

Stuart & Stephanie Bloch

Wesbanco Bank


In Honor of Iona Brodengeyer by Lynne & Thomas Daines

In Memory of Charles W. Mason by Alice Mason

Jane Chamberlin

Les DeFelice, DeFelice Care

Ron & Sally Hobbs

Steptoe and Johnson


McKinley Carter Wealth Services

Project Best

O’Leary/ Shrut Family

Marlene Langen

In Memory of Pete Newmeyer by Molly Blazek

Mary Beth Hughes, Hughes Design Gallery

The Monfradi Family

Cheryl & Dick Jones

In Memory of Alice C. Wernert by Alice C. Dolan& Mary K. Zamba

Steptoe & Johnson PLLC

Dorothy Shymansky

The Kepner Family

Theresa A. Hamm

Felton & Felton, CPA’s

The Altmeyer Family

Scott & Joanne Winters

In Honor of John Artzberger by Hydie Friend

Mr. & Mrs. Ogden Nutting

Pete & Jean Holloway

Bank of America

H. Don Gordon

In Memory of Bobbi Bopp & Etta Rice
from Ann & Don Bopp

In Loving Memory of
Mary Waddell Frey
& Harrison Walther Frey

Milford Cunningham

In Memory of Dr. Frank Carenbauer by Janet N. Carenbauer

Jay Frey & Michael Hires

Bank of America

Frances S. (Pinkie) Williams by John Williams

Joseph Strauss by Gretchen Strauss

In Memory of Lou and Helen Pinzone by Dominic Pinzone

Michael & Rachel Klick

In Memory of Charles Ellwood by his Family

Henry & Naomi Hupp

W. Gibson McCoy by Nancy McCoy

Harry J. Peyton by Eleanor Peyton

Dr. Robert Lee Martin

John E. Ginter by his family

In Memory of Mary Jane Hess by Robert Hess

Erb Electric

In Memory of Elaine Runner Dungan by Chris & Sally Bowie

In Memory of Jo McCarthy by her family

Mary Margaret McCamic

U.S. Food Service, West Virginia

In Memory of Mary Melhman Dietrich by Elsie Wise

Adelaide B. Cotton
by Tom & Sylvia Cotton

Lee Hauschild

In Memory of Robert O. Hess
From the Hess Family

Eleanor Elbert
by Charles Elbert


Glessner and Associates

Oglebay Park

In Memory of Alice F. Wisner by Leonard Wisner

In Memory of Robert H. Foster by the Foster Family

In Memory of Ellen H. Pennington by her children

Harry Peyton by Eleanor Peyton

Alice Mason by Linda & Jim Tuel & Kathy & Jim Taylor

Joseph Boutaugh by Catherine Wrobleski

In Memory of Leah Newmeyer by Pete Newmeyer

Charlene Goodwin

Victorian Circle

Main Street Bank, Rich Lucas
Mr. & Mrs. John W. Kepner
Paul & Hali Exley
Paul & Louise Limbert
Peter & Sue Radakovich
Mary Jane Hopkins

Fountain Circle

Barbara Lewis
Bob & Amy Mead
Dick & Regina Reichley
Dale & Ana Pettit
Martha Ferus
George & Joan McCaffrey
Greg Marquart
Holly & Kim McCluskey
John DeBlasis
John Hargleroad
Kathleen Steber
Mike & Janet Poluga
William Homan
William & Jill Porterfield
Edward & Renee George