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Healthy Living

Elmhurst staff are dedicated to the health, safety and well-being of each resident. A full-time registered nurse and part-time, nurse are on staff, providing reassurance that residents’ medications are administered according to doctors’ orders.

If a resident eventually should need more assistance than Elmhurst is able to provide, the staff will discuss alternative options with the resident and the family.

And, our residents enthusiastically enjoy our exercise classes and our walkers’ program on a 12-month basis. Rain or shine, residents walk at their own pace throughout the hallways, charting their progress as they keep their bodies limber and healthy.



Resident Assistants

Our Resident Assistants and LPNs are carefully selected and trained to offer assistance with tasks of daily living and provide compassionate service to residents, 24-hours a day.

Family members and residents appreciate the importance of the around-the-clock availability of the Resident Assistants. A security system provides the residents with the comfort of a safe and secure environment. LPNS and Resident Assistants are able to admit visitors and residents to the building with equipment that allows them to open the main doors at any time and from anywhere in the building with a visual monitor.

LPNs and Resident Assistants who dispense medications to residents requiring that service have been certified as required by the state of West Virginia.