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Thank you for Considering a Gift to Elmhurst

Naming Opportunities – Please contact Elmhurst Executive Director Jamie Crow to discuss options.

You may wish to designate a gift to the following:

  • Save the Porch Project PHASE III – Maintenance of the Elmhurst Bloch mansion and additions is essential in presefront porchrving a local historic treasure for generations to come. The beautiful porch columns must be replaced to complete the restoration of the front porch. Elmhurst is one of many notable structures that sit on the historic National Road. Completion of this project requires contracting with a certified restoration company. We welcome your support.
  • Gardens – New gardens with walking paths and benches to add to the landscaped beauty and enjoyment of residents at Elmhurst. An elm tree was planted in the gardens upon our 125th anniversary in recognition of the name “Elmhurst” which the Samuel S. Bloch family christened the property. All the original elms were destroyed by a blight years ago. Elmhurst would like to see more elm trees added to the site in the future.

Friendship Wall:

  • Gifts of $1,000 and up, including those to honor/or remember a current or former resident of Elmhurst, will be recognized on the Friendship Wall located in the lobby of Elmhurst.

Other Giving Opportunities:

  • $600 – $999 – Elmhurst Circle
  • $300 – $599 – Victorian Circle
  • $299 and under – Fountain Circle

Click here for the Contribution Form

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