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Save The Porch

front porch with signContributions of $16,060 were received to replace the porch railings. An additional $16,000 matching grant from the West Virginia Division of Culture and History was received for the project which was completed in 2012. Thank you for your generous support.


Les DeFelice, DeFelice Care
Janet Carenbauer
Dominic Pinzone
John Williams
Margaret Ryan
Leonard Wisner
Miriam Eichelberger
Eleanor Peyton
Virginia Monolakis
Milford Cunningham
Sarah & W.T. Nickerson
Roland Hobbs
Lee Nelson
John Ginter
Henry & Naomi Hupp
Mr. & Mrs. John W. Kepner
Mary Eleanor Colvin
H. Don Gordon
Phyllis Burkle
Alice Mason
Kepner Funeral Homes
Margaret McCarihan
Dr. David Bowman
Mary Jane Hopkins
Lynne & Tom Daines
Peter Holloway
Peggy Bates
Virginia Adkins                                                        Doug and Tess McCarihan